Who I Am


Jennifer Wen Doe, MD

Breast Radiologist in Houston, TX

Wife of Andrew Doe, MD (Interventional Radiologist at Houston VIR)

Mother of two smart and beautiful girls, Katherine (5 years old) and Alexandra (3 years old)

Why I blog:

I initially began blogging in response to Peggy Orenstein’s article “Our Feel Good War on Breast Cancer” (see my first post, “Why I Am Here”).  I was upset when my response did not make it into the comments section online at the New York Times Magazine and wanted a better way to reach out to the public about what my feelings and experiences with mammograms and breast cancer were.  I wanted everyone to be able to hear what I tell my patients in my office.  Through WordPress, I have not only been able to do that, but I have also found a way to share my thoughts and struggles with other aspects of my life, including being a parent and wife.  My life has also been enriched through other people’s experiences in their blogs, which I would not have discovered had I not started this blog.  I hope people enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy others.

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